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It cannot be denied at all that we all make poor choices and decisions in life and learn from them, not to repeat the same in future. These bad decisions might be the result of lack of experience, but at times, we end up taking them just because we are in some sort of rush and just feel like going ahead with them irrespective of the outcomes. The after-effects of these poor decisions can be disastrous, lowering our morale and bringing down the confidence about completion of our goals with which we started to work upon them initially. This loss of spark and energy can be difficult to regain.

At times, we are self-aware and in complete control of our minds and senses, and it is always wise to make decisions in such phases of life. However, at times, we are not really in a good mental shape, our brains therefore get hardwired to find shortcuts to our goals, leading to quicker judgments, sometimes even compromising with the quality of work and the density of our efforts.

The following tips can prove to be highly useful in training our minds to make better choices in life.

1. Rely on precise information
Although we tend to take guidance from our seniors and experts before or while doing any task wherein decision-making gets tough, but those recommendations can get confusing at times when we are unsure about the outcomes, thus leading to fall in our enthusiasm and confidence.

Therefore, along with this much-needed guidance, we must be clear, both mentally and emotionally, about the facts and figures of our inputs, without which the suggestions given by experts might also sound doubtful. If we would be prepared with enough accurate information related to that task, the same guidance and expert-opinions would come with more power and meaning.

2. Analyze and accept previous mistakes
Experts and authoritarians throughout the world strongly believe that majority of the people do not own their mistakes, and consecutively, do not learn from their mistakes as well, thus leaving a wide scope of repeating the same.

Whatever be the scenario, we have to get rid of this fear of facing the errors made by us, and face them head-on in order to analyze them deeply, learn from them, and make sure even an iota of them does not get repeated by us in future. This acceptance would assist us to do wonders in the times to come.

3. Do not ignore self-care
A stressed mind would never be able to make good decisions. A heavy-headed person would not be able to think with a stable and responsible mindset, would not be able to focus on the pros and cons of decisions, and would never be able to predict the dire consequences that just a single poor decision can lead to.

Self-care, therefore, becomes extremely imperative in order to remain composed in all sorts of situations and make wise decisions. A better frame of mind, along with a healthy body, would allow us to concentrate much better, and make superb decisions with ease, leading to better efficiency and outcomes.

4. Meditate
Do not undermine the power of meditation. The everyday hustle of fighting with the distractions and trying to cope up with the need of great decision-making potential can be simplified with meditation. Moreover, being always in a hurry and burdened with extensive multitasking, the vital process of thorough thinking is snatched away from us as well.

Spending at least half an hour everyday with our own thoughts, far away from the worldly distractions, can help us to think right and take the right decisions.

5. Internalize
Our decision-making process depends upon a number of aspects, which include both the external environment and our emotional well-being. We must introspect and connect with our own feelings, and avoid being insensitive about our emotions even in the toughest of times. Once we start to internalize and gain more understanding about our emotions and the point of breakdown, it can lead to achieving an objective frame of mind even while facing challenging options, thus improving our decision-making capability.

To sum up:
It might sound like a human-transformation activity or a mind-control process to follow the above tips and to improve ourselves in decision-making. I have felt the need of such inclusions in my life very strongly, and have never turned away from the mistakes that I committed. It obviously doesn’t mean that these ways can bring an overnight change in the way we think, but what I believe and have experienced myself is that, to begin with such modifications in our life can generate positive vibes and emotional and mental stability, which would further help us to deal with the situations in an improvised manner, eventually making us better decision-makers in life.

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