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Life is beautiful as long as it brings happiness and yields fruitful results for everything that we do. However, it is not so fair all the time, and we face a lot of problems in our lives too, which are more or less, inevitable. The intensity of these problems may be smaller for some and greater for others, but it is not quite possible to see someone without any kind of stress nowadays considering the increase in complexities with every passing day.

As a writer, it is quite unintentional and natural for me to dig deep into thoughts on observing things happening around me or with me perhaps. This tendency to think and analyse everything deeply can lead to two different outcomes - the first can be increase in stress on one's own mind thinking about all the running around for a completely unpredictable future, while the second can be increase in understanding of life and accepting what comes in this adventurous journey of ups and downs irrespective of whether the outcomes are favorable or not. Thankfully, I fall in the second category wherein I don't stress out easily and am blessed enough to absorb things with patience.

I am not an expert of course, but with the passage of time, I have observed that I can understand and feel the others' feelings to the core. Further, with my passion for writing and with years of experience in this domain, I am able to pen down those relevant thoughts and feelings considerably well. Therefore, my words relate with most of the people's thoughts and situations most of the times and also help to calm them down in conditions of stress and mental pressure. This potential of writing true feelings took years of exposure and experience to develop and evolve, and finally reach a stage wherein it started being accepted by the people themselves without even knowing who wrote it.

At this stage, writing random thoughts on social media platforms had to be converted into more precise phenomena of penning them down at a more personalized platform. Thus, starting a particular blogging platform emerged as the need of the hour.

This blog is all about what I feel about life and my opinions to deal with different kinds of situations with self-motivation and confidence on one's own self. I may not end up answering a lot of questions professionally and cannot obviously match the skills of professionals in different specific fields, but my belief in myself and the strength of self-motivation make me capable enough to motivate the readers and look at life with an all new perspective which is full of positive vibes and smiles. This blog is an attempt to share how I consume the negatives of life and emit the positives in response thus maintaining a positive atmosphere around me all the time.

This blog may, or may not, relate to everyone's thoughts and perspectives, but is sure to leave an impression of happiness, motivation and positivity.

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