self-analysis and self-realization for your betterment

Right from the birth to being a kid, to being a teenager, to getting young and being mature, our lives are surrounded by stringent checks on our lifestyles and strong impressions of family recommendations for all sorts of decisions such as selection of subjects, sports, activities, hobbies and our career too. Most of the times, natural talent is not really explored and even if we point out an extraordinary capability in ourselves, it is either ignored or not really given as much importance as it deserves in order to improvise and master the skill. Even if our parents, relatives or teachers motivate us for utilizing our skills in extra curricular activities, they will still insist upon taking academics as our priority and not our outstanding talent.

By the time we realize that our innate abilities are far better than the ones taught to us in the books of schools and colleges, it generally gets too late to work on their perfection and the only thing that can be done thereafter is to find a suitable job and think about settling in life, while the talent remains a hobby forever.

The biggest reason why we get convinced with others' opinions so quickly is perhaps the lack of knowledge and realization about our own strong self. We rarely sit alone with an aim of exploring what we have within ourselves. We rarely consider our actions as skills, we just do things in life and even if we do them extraordinarily, we just move ahead with a target of completing the tasks not observing if we are considerably better than others in performing them. We rarely analyse our true capabilities and potential, and hence, rarely realize what unique blessings have been showered upon us by the Almighty.

Self-analysis is all about knowing ourselves better. The sole purpose of self-analysis is to gain more knowledge about ourselves with a motive of developing more clarity about our positives and negatives and the habits that we ought to leave and the skills that we must improve upon. For an instance, I graduated as a Mechanical Engineer but after a few years, I realized that writing is my biggest passion which must be worked upon and taken up as a profession. After writing professionally for more than 4 years, I have now started this blog as well, wherein I love to spend time penning down my thoughts and sharing with the beautiful world. This is the power of self-analysis, without which, my potential of writing would have been left suppressed forever.

Further, self-analysis leads to better self-realization. We are able to realize our strengths and weaknesses, and the ways of utilizing those strengths for our betterment. This may help to realize whether the subjects we are studying are actually meant for us or are we just studying them for the sake of studying and nothing else. This may help to realize whether the job we are doing really makes us feel happy or are we working there forcibly without enjoying the work. This may help to realize if playing Basketball or singing or dancing or playing guitar or writing or painting or photography or any such skill can be turned into profession instead of the boring monotonous jobs. This may help to get rid of unnecessary stress and negativity from mind and realize that there is so much to be cheerful and positive about.

Self-analysis and self-realization are connected to each other. Apart from general understanding of these two, the actual study goes deeper into spiritual aspects with a lot of people practicing them professionally. However, in my opinion, initial efforts must be put by our own self for both the techniques and professionals should be consulted later in case our efforts don't seem to yield some sort of positive outcomes.

Once the desired time is spent on knowing ourselves better, it is sure to have a very positive impact on our future. Dozens of new opportunities await for us; We just have to analyse the scope and realize our potential to grab them and win over the situations which otherwise would pass unattended. A better "you" is waiting for you already; it totally depends on your will and efforts to chase and achieve that target of being the better "you".

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  1. This is literally wot metamorphosis actually is,
    Mubarak you've made it practical explained it to the masses, as nobody ever has before.
    Very well penned down Mubarak. .