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Born and brought up in the state of Punjab, India, I was always a scholar student being the favorite of my teachers since childhood. I grew up to be an excellent sportsperson as well, representing my school and state in Swimming and Basketball, along with actively participating in Athletics, Football, Cricket, Chess, etc. Later, I chose to pursue graduation in the field of Mechanical Engineering and then completed MBA in Operations Management and Marketing Management.

I worked as an engineer in a company along with testing my capabilities in various professions in part-time jobs. However, with time, I realized that a monotonous job was not meant for me and that I had to try something out of the box. Then, in the year 2015, I co-founded a music company by the name of Mubarak Records and launched a couple of songs in the same year followed by many in the following years as well. I handled the responsibilities of Chief Executive Officer of the company.

Another opportunity knocked the doors in early-2016 when I was offered to work in an event-management company. As I am always ready to start something new in order to test my limits further and to learn more from the exposure which comes along with it, I took the responsibility of Chief Operating Officer cum Co-Founder of The Managers Network. The company focused on organizing fashion events, corporate events and inaugural events. The company was mainly known for its beauty pageant "The Managers Network Miss Punjab", which was televised worldwide in the years 2018 and 2019 along with broadcast and print media presence during all the seasons.

My zeal to write led me to fulfil another dream which was pending from a long time, to release my book and enlist myself as an international author. On 5th July, 2021, my first book was released worldwide by the name "Boris - The Last Qahn Alive (Unearthing the Spear of Neutrality)". The book is available in both eBook and paperback versions. The novel was appreciated by the masses, then translated in Punjabi language and published worldwide as a Punjabi novel in February 2022. Later, in October 2022, the sequel of the first book was released, which was named "Boris and the Stealth of Almus". Recently, I edited an anthology 'World of Words' which was written by the students of a college on various topics related to their course of study.
I am now a Goodreads Verified Author, a member of Chandigarh Literary Society and a speaker associated with literary events, colleges and universities.

Along with writing books, I decided to start a talkshow wherein I could talk about the struggles faced by my guests on the show and ask them how they stayed positive and motivated during the hardships in their lives. 'The Mubarak Show' is expected to fulfil this vacuum, and convey a positive message to the viewers, that they shall not lose hope even in the toughest of the situations.

 My family has always been my biggest support. My father did his post-graduation in English Literature and International Sports Trainer’s Course in Swimming from GDR, Germany. He retired as Chief Swimming Coach from National Institute of Sports, Patiala. My elder brother completed his post-graduation in Journalism and Mass Communication and worked for 8 years as a TV Journalist in India before moving to Canada. He is currently working as a Journalist with a renowned channel in BC, Canada. My mother is a homemaker and a consistent motivation for us all. Coming from a family of such repute is the biggest blessing God has showered upon me.

To sum up, I would like to say that writing is my lifeline and to me, a day without writing feels like a day wasted. Writing is such a morale-booster for me that anything and everything in my life ends up being related to my writings, either the ones which I already penned down in some part of my life or the ones I have been thinking to write. Writing is a blessing for me which is going to accompany me till the last breath. This website is all about what I feel about life or what I have learnt till date which I try to put in words to the best of my efforts.

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