learn from the past and make the future better

Not quite understandable how people use and deceive others and leave them in the middle of nowhere thinking how to survive the pain and whether to even live with it or die out of it. Such situations emerge multiple times in our lives; the level of disappointment is same always, while the people behind that disappointment may vary. Building trust issues after such a heartbreak happens to be a common outcome.

Mentality of everyone cannot be changed, and can't even be matched considering modern era's different lifestyles and ways of upbringing, forming unique habits which are neither easy to absorb nor easy to modify. We may trust others because of our inherent tendency of believing on others and their words, whereas the same people may not respond with the similar vibes because of their own ways of dealing with the world. It is easy to blame the others for not trusting us back, however, it doesn't change anything most of the times, neither their behavior nor the distorted relation.

Some may withstand such situations with strength and patience, while others may feel extremely depressed. The one causing all the depression may not even realize what he/she may have caused. All of this, collectively, forms a line of thought in the mind of the sufferer to stay away from people and live alone rather than trusting more people and giving them an opportunity to hurt again. To change one's own self is easy; to try and change the world is far more difficult. This is the major reason why it is easy to choose staying lonely rather than being the same and changing the world for good.

The best way to be positive is to accept the reality, suppress the negative vibes emerging out of these situations, vent out the sorrows by sharing with family and friends, and overcome the negative state of mind with positive thoughts and self-motivation. It is tremendously crucial to stay same, and be an active part of the world, and trust people as well even though you may consider it a risk. We must have faith in new possibilities with every new sunrise. Instead of losing hope and accepting sadness, we must grab hold of happiness and positivity, to eradicate the past's unhappy phases and utilize the outcomes to develop a smiling future.

Learning from the past and using it to make the future better is a practice made for one and all; let's not lose hope, let's all keep the learning spirit alive and lead the world to a cheerful future.

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