Novel Bunch literary society introduction event

I am often asked what writing has given me and why am I so passionate for writing. Keeping aside the commercial content writing work that I do for my clients, book-writing is widely considered as a profile-enhancing passion which hardly pays-off financially, not being a direct source of earning due to lesser margins in the book sales. However, it is difficult to explain what comes along as a set of indirect benefits; Being introduced to the like-minded literary circle is one of them.

My first book was published in mid-2021, its Punjabi translation was published in early-2022, and the sequel of the first book was published in late-2022. I was fortunate to have Mr. Vivek Atray for my support and guidance, who unveiled both my books and helped to release them globally. He then introduced me to Mr. Hardeep Chandpuri during his book-release event of ‘It’s Still a Beautiful Life’ in Chandigarh. A few months passed, and I was invited by Mr. Hardeep Chandpuri to Dharamsala Literature Festival in March 2022, where I met Col. DS Cheema, Ms. Dolly Guleria, Ms. Sunaini Guleria Sharma, Mr. Jupinderjit Singh, Mr. Neelesh Kulkarni and many more prominent personalities. This environment of literature-lovers gave me a different kind of peace, motivation and positive energy.

Dharamshala Literature Festival picture

Moving ahead in the journey of life, guided and accompanied by such artistic souls, there came a day when I was invited to join Novel Bunch – an initiative by Mr. Hardeep Chandpuri, Ms. Saguna Jain and Ms. Shona. Initially, it was unclear what kind of activities would be thought for this group in the existing atmosphere of literary societies already working in the region. But this was an altogether unique and one-of-its-kind initiative based on the concept of human library, wherein there was no hierarchy of designations for seniors or juniors, no membership charges, no unnecessary inclusions of competitions among the members, just a mutually acceptable spirit of togetherness that connects us all in this world that is going towards individualism with each passing day.

Novel Bunch is not just a group, it is an ocean put into a cup. Instead of naming the individuals, I would rather talk of the expression of emotions that is given importance here. Novel Bunch had its first meeting on 30th December 2022 which was more of an introductory gathering of the first set of its members. We said goodbye to 2022 and enjoyed one of the last cups of tea and coffee together, along with speaking out about ourselves and what we intend to do in the year to come. Many of us were new to each other, but we remained true to the concept of Novel Bunch, everyone met like friends who had known each other for years irrespective of the age gap, generation gap, experience gap, and the biggest one that restricts people from socialising – hesitation. Nothing stopped us from talking to each other, it was like being in a family, being in our own zone, being with the like-minded souls, or if I must say, being with our own inner soul, it was all so full of positive vibes, peace and love.

Novel Bunch literary society introduction event

A month later, the next meeting of Novel Bunch saw even more participation and excitement, the event was very well planned and the activities were thought-of as a perfect blend for such a gathering of literature lovers. While writing about it, I can recall so many memories made there, and I can’t feel more blessed, for being at such a place with such learned and experienced people is something that most of the people do not get in their entire lifetime. I often reach the venue at least half an hour before the stipulated time, and am often the last one to leave after the event is over. I am so deeply connected to the Novel Bunch that as soon as one event gets over, I start looking forward to the next one. And I am pretty sure that this feeling is not mine alone but must be of all the members of Novel Bunch.

Net Solutions Novel Bunch Event

And as a term has been introduced recently to us with the introduction of another amazing group, the next get-together of Novel Bunch became Inkreadible, which was in the form of a literature festival organized at Infosys campus with combined efforts, participation and contribution of Novel Bunch and Inkreadible. After seeing multiple lit-fests, I have made a presumption in my mind of what a lit-fest looks like and what usually happens there. But it was not the case here, as this was far beyond anyone could expect. Right from entering the Infosys campus, to parking the car, to entering the reception area, to walking down the corridors of the campus, to following the red carpet leading to the event hall, to entering the Aquarius hall and witnessing some of the most amazing talks, the event came up as a huge encouragement to me. Listening to the perspectives of army veterans, then about real stories in the next session followed by travel stories and a very special session wherein kids of 14-17 years of age talked about their books, it all made me feel more inspired to do a lot more in life, along with being thankful to God for what He has already helped me achieve. Mouth-watering and delicious refreshments thrice during the event made everyone feel even more special, such hospitality is rare in such events.

Novel Bunch ‘Inkreadibly’ helps me in various ways. I love to socialise, and this platform provides an opportunity to speak to a diversity of mindsets at one place. We share life’s experiences, talk of the good times and laugh, talk of the hard times and how we survived them, discuss about carrying the morals and ethics in our field of work without compromising with them even in a life and death situation, think of helping each other not just in writing but even in every other way that is possible, I think it would be right to say that this is actually the way everyone should live, this is the way society should be.
Inkreadibles novel bunch infosys literature festival

I always feel blessed to have so much love, affection, motivation, guidance and care from everyone around. But I still feel a vacuum somewhere because of the busy life and the way I have to fight with the toughest of the situations alone, leaving me with a heavy head and a burdened heart. The moment I step inside the venue of Novel Bunch, I know this is the place where I am relieved of all sorts of issues in the world, such is the ‘Inkreadible’ spirit of positivity and motivation that prevails in Novel Bunch. And as I write, I am already waiting for a message to pop up, with the details of the next meetup of Novel Bunch.

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