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It is undoubtedly a very beneficial act itself to form any productive hobby in life and to maintain your involvement in it. Although hobbies tend to transform into profession with time for some, yet others carry on with their hobbies just to spend their leisure time doing something what they love.

Writing is an art which cannot generally or randomly be learnt from someone as in the case of many other activities such as sports, music, etc. The strength to write is innate; only the one who realizes and utilizes it knows its power and potential. The habit of writing comes with a lot of benefits, just like many other productive activities.

There are a lot of people around about whom we know that they write about fiction and imaginary worlds and what not. Also, there are others who write daily diaries or journals just to remember the important days and the incidents which took place. However, there are a lot of people who write about their personal feelings secretly, and most of them do not like at all, to share even a single word with anyone else, and don’t even let people know that they are regular writer too.

A single hobby of writing comes with different meanings for different individuals, but with a lot of benefits at the same time.

1. Writing brings HAPPINESS
Writing is a form of expression – expression of happiness, expression of sadness, expression of sentiments, expression of frustration, perhaps expression of all sorts of feelings. We all know that every feeling inside us cannot be shared with others. While some people do feel comfortable in sharing their emotions with their close ones, but at the same time, there are some who are introverts by nature and do not prefer talking about what is going inside their heart and mind. Writing comes up as a secret best friend for one and all.

Habit of expressive writing has been proved to yield positive outputs, releasing stressful diversions and bringing happiness in life. It thus leads to improving one’s mood and well-being, and eventually lowers the stress if engaged in this way of writing on a regular basis.

2. Writing connects THINKING with COMMUNICATING
If you do not often vent out what you feel, you tend to suppress your thoughts and opinions more often thus leading to lesser communication with others and feeling harder to describe your feelings. Also, when you somehow gather the vibes of conveying your thoughts to others, you hesitate and stumble, which creates an unfair impression of you thus causing more frustration.

Writing regularly can keep you on a safer side in this aspect, by building a bridge between your thoughts and the world. You feel more comfortable in communicating when you form a habit of putting your ideas into the right words every now and then. It eliminates the hesitation syndrome and makes it more convenient to pass on your thoughts to the next person in just the way you want.

3. Writing keeps you YOUNG
Just like physical exercise helps to keep you physically fit, in the similar way, writing has been proven as a mental exercise and therefore, it is quite effective in keeping your mind young and healthy. Sitting idle and forming mental rust by overthinking can be very well avoided by utilizing that free time to write down your thoughts and ideas and streamline them in a rather positive manner. Ageing of your mind can thus be reduced by engaging your mind in writing activity regularly.

4. Writing reduces DIVERSIONS
A lot of things keep going in your lives simultaneously, and at an equivalent level, thoughts about all those things keep running in your minds too. You may tend to jump from one thought to another but the diversions don’t really end but keep you away from focusing on the right things instead.

The habit of writing lends a helping hand to reduce such diversions, by allowing the abstract information to move over to the tangible world, thus freeing your brain from the overburden of thoughts and inclining it towards a more focused life.

5. Writing helps to recover MEMORIES
Those who engrave the hobby of writing on the foundation of their lives, make far more memories and learn a lot more from their experiences. Looking back at happy memories will definitely bring a smile on your face, bringing happiness and relieving you of unnecessary stress.

Moreover, it often happens that some amazing idea or word or phrase strikes your mind but before you can save it for future references, you get busy in some other tasks thus forgetting it completely. Writing down such words or incidents can trigger other memories about which you wouldn’t have given a thought otherwise. Those memories might be unpleasant too, but are surely going to give you learning experiences, which can lead to forming better perspectives about your own thoughts.

Eventually, it cannot be denied even a bit that there are numerous ways in which writing proves to be beneficial, not just for the professional writers but to casual writers as well who just write occasionally now and then. The hobby of writing can make your personality look more eloquent and accomplished, and more content from your life. The psychological benefits of writing must be given more attention, and developing a hobby of writing, therefore, ought to be recommended to a greater number of people.

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