Boss appreciates work and shakes hand with team member.
Imagine yourself in a situation when you scored your first century in a cricket match, or shot your first three-pointer in a Basketball match, or won your first medal in Athletics, or topped the school examination, or bagged an outstanding project for your company, or perhaps wrote your first blog ever. In such a situation, won't you expect others to come over and appreciate your efforts and praise your achievement and compliment you about the way you overcame the hurdles to attain that target? Obviously, you would expect that to happen, and would be excited for the same as well. Now, for a moment, imagine the opposite, that no one comes up in your praise and you stand alone with your achievement, sharing it with no one, and no one cheering for you. How would you feel then? Feel this situation right now and then think about all those people whom you did not praise when they achieved something, feel their disappointment for not being applauded, feel their hunger for appreciation, feel their desperation for celebration, feel their pain of isolation, just feel their broken heart, feel everything and then ask yourself, was it so difficult to compliment their hard work and to share their success further?

Your praise may not leave an impact, or may hardly make a difference, or may even go unnoticed by someone, but probability of the opposite of each of these is far more in most of the situations. And once your compliment reaches others, it boosts their energy and confidence to an altogether different level encouraging them to work harder and do better in the times to come.

Even if someone tries his best but fails to achieve his target, appreciating and praising his efforts is surely going to uplift his falling spirit. Or, on the contrary, if a person achieves his target by performing beyond expectation, applauding for his success is surely going to motivate him to maintain consistency in that success and to bring even better results in future endeavors. And, well, even if you think that there is nothing much that your compliment can do, believe me, it is definitely worth trying, for it doesn't require any special arrangement or effort to compliment someone, you just text that person or leave a comment on social media or call up directly or interact in-person and praise him with a smile and that's it, yeah, THAT'S IT! Sounds quite easy isn't it?

Everyone can relate this with some part of their life for sure, just like me. I remember when I won the school marathon, I hardly knew myself as a distance-runner till then. I was praised by so many teachers and friends around, and was awarded with a wall-clock, the appreciation motivated me so much that I started practicing for long-distance races more often and won the school marathon for 4 years in a row, along with participating in long-distance events in athletics and winning over there as well. I have been writing songs and poems for many years, I remember when I first shared a song with friends in college, they encouraged me to write and share more and also used to ask me to sing whenever all of us got together, this motivation has led me to writing my own blog today perhaps. I remember when I cleared my interview in DELL and shared a song with colleagues during the orientation session on the very first day (very first night actually, because it was night shift), all of them enjoyed it and applauded my effort, and the respected trainer used to ask me to sing or speak out something written by me quite often before ending the session. This really boosted my morale to be confident about my talent irrespective of multiple hurdles that I faced with it professionally. Also, now, when I write a new article and share with you all, it feels amazing to see that many of you actually read in-depth and share detailed feedback and recommend me with points of improvement and appreciate my efforts, many out there may not read fully but still send a thumbs-up to convey their appreciation and to push me to carry on, many may not read due to shortage of time but then, just hoping that they will read whenever they will get time yields positive vibes itself. What more can I expect from you all, that this topic was also suggested by a well-wisher, a very close friend indeed.

That's the magic and significance of such a small yet powerful gesture - the gesture of appreciating someone's efforts and passing-on a compliment for the same. It hardly consumes your energy to speak a few words in someone's praise but the level of positive energy that it generates in the person listening to you cannot be put in words but can only be felt by heart at that moment. Feel it when that happens, and make sure you build a habit of repeating this gesture whenever and wherever possible or required. A few words spoken by you in someone's praise might do wonders without you even realizing or knowing it. Remember, the Law of Karma works for real and what goes around comes around within this life itself. So, expect the similar acceptance and appreciation to circle back to you when you deliver it to others, and do not hesitate to compliment someone's efforts ever.

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  1. Beautiful article really need of time ... Dare to appreciate other ... Spread love ❤️ kindness ❣️

  2. I truly appreciate ur efforts and wishing u further success πŸ‘

  3. True!!
    Each and every line of article is truth. It's hard to appreciate someone but when we appreciate anybody we personally feel positive and happy.
    Really amazing workπŸ‘

  4. Well written πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ˜πŸ˜

  5. Well written πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ˜πŸ˜

  6. Good one! Encouraging. Keep writing Mubarak ji :)


  7. We all need a support system Now and then, inspiration, and different perspectives from others! Be that person to others and you'll surely get what you've given!!πŸ™ŒπŸ’―πŸ‘πŸ‘