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Relationship, undoubtedly, is a two-way connection, and a very sensitive one, that depends on the will of both the individuals, which needs consistent efforts to maintain and continue but can break in a blink of an eye with even the smallest of misconceptions or arguments. Every individual tries to make their partner happy and content in life and also hopes the same level of efforts from the other half as well. However, expectations in life are not always fulfilled to the core, and a relation should not be carried on conditions of fulfilling all the expectations.

Satisfaction in a relationship should depend on the efforts that a couple makes for each other, and not on the results of those efforts alone. Unexpected results can lead to discontentment in a lot of occasions but if you give your best shot to cope up with your better half’s hopes, the efforts must be appreciated far more than any kind of outputs of those attempts. That, of course, is easy to say than to implement in day-to-day life which is full of stress and pressure, but worth trying and adopting for relationship satisfaction.

Whether the ship of your relationship is sailing smoothly in the waters of life or not, adopting to the following things can give your relationship satisfaction a strong boost.

If we compare today’s lifestyle with the one that prevailed until 2 decades ago, the major difference would be that of technical advancements, especially the boom in social media platforms. This single difference is enough to look around what other couples are doing in their lives and hence, compare their activities and lifestyles with our own. It might hit your mind that they are doing far better than you, or that they are far more satisfied in life, or that they never ever argue or fight with each other, or that they are having much more fun than you. Believe me when I say this, and you must have felt this too, that social media life can be deceptive and totally opposite to the real life of people.

Others’ relationships can look satisfactory at a lot of instances, but their everyday grind can never be seen by the outer world. Therefore, comparisons only on the basis of unrealistic social media representations or on the basis of a few moments observed by you here and there can be harmful for your own relation and must be avoided, rather eradicated from your minds and lives, in order to maintain and further boost your own relationship satisfaction.

Acceptance of life as is blessed by the Almighty is a universal mantra for whole-hearted satisfaction; expecting life to deliver more is quite the opposite. Until you embrace the mistakes made by your partner and accept the saying “to err is human”, you can never gain satisfaction in your relationship. We all make mistakes, and we all improve upon them with time, and that’s how life goes on with ups and downs both being an integral part of it. Expectations can be both realistic and unrealistic. While unrealistic expectations should be suppressed even before they grow, realistic expectations should be communicated and discussed to plan for their possibilities. Unspoken realistic expectations can also end up being equivalent to unrealistic expectations if not communicated to your partner, because he won’t be able to fulfil them even if he could, until you both talked about them in real.

If you will keep expecting everything in the perfect form from your partner and feel broken at the shortcomings every now and then, you will never even come close to the word ‘satisfaction’. However, if you learn to expect less from your partner and just accept his efforts to carry the relationship well, achieving ‘satisfaction’ to the core of its definition would not be an uphill task at all for you as an individual, and for both of you as a happy and satisfied couple.

In a relationship, both the partners must be dedicated to each other in all possible aspects of a relationship – Emotionally, Mentally, Physically and Financially. If any one support is missing, the relation won’t be able to sustain for long. The life has become more stressful than before because of increase in competition and this has forced all the members of a family to work and earn for a better family life. In such circumstances, satisfaction from life and from a relationship has become really difficult indeed.

As an attempt to gain more satisfaction from your relationship, make sure you always share your emotions with your partner, always discuss what goes on in your mind, and always support in maintaining finances as well. Meanwhile, give enough privacy in life as well so that anything should not make each other feel suffocated or pulled back. An all-round involvement, along with giving some space and privacy as and when needed, can bring immense satisfaction in a relationship which every couple can cherish forever.

Life gets tough at times, and such phases are not easy to overcome. Satisfaction levels often rise and fall in life and in relationship, and this transition is inevitable with changing circumstances of life. However, a little understanding in both the individuals to be patient and support each other and let the time do the healing can save a lot of hassle and stress. Maintaining a healthy and satisfactory relationship is both easy and tough at the same time; It totally depends on how you tackle the situations in life which lead to either satisfaction or discontentment in your relationship.

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