Hope in the difficult times of corona pandemic

Corona Pandemic has brought a huge shift in everyone's life.

Earlier, the day used to begin with all the necessary preparations for office and the running around to get ready and reach office on time. While on the way to office, we would think of the tasks waiting for us, an important meeting at office, the office politics, the colleagues and friends over there, the ones who are not so friendly with us, that same chair on which we have to sit for the whole day, and many such relatable activities. Then, while on our way back home, we would think of the groceries that we have to buy from that nearby store, family waiting for us, a cup of hot tea or coffee perhaps, and of course the heavenly bed to relax and lose all the fatigue. That busy schedule never gave enough time to spend with one's own self, or with family, or with friends.

Now, COVID-19 has broken that monotonous routine throughout the world, providing sufficient time to spend with family but of course affecting the work life and the income leading to adverse effects on mental health and the overall lives of one and all. That much-needed break from the stressful running-around has come up in the form of complete shutdown of our lives, leaving minimal scope of freedom of movement outside our residences.

That regular schedule of school, college, office, etc had its own stress, and now this lockdown has its own relevant issues and pressure as well. The sudden shift from totally busy life to a complete halt is depressing at times, and intriguing as well, as to what is going to happen next in the world when most of the work has moved to digital platforms. This unforeseen situation of fatal pandemic has diseased more than 7 million people and caused death of more than half a million people globally, thus making the situation extremely critical further leading to increase in stress about safety measures and precautions along with earning bread and butter for our families.

However, being stressed is not the only thing that can be done. The best thing to cherish, in all these critical circumstances is that, we are still alive, either away from the pandemic or fighting with it or cured from it, and still in control of our lives, which is a blessing beyond imagination itself. Just like the earthquakes and tsunamis and volcanoes and floods, this harsh situation shall pass too, bringing us all back to our regular work but with more precautionary measures for our own self and for others as well. Thanking the Almighty for being with us, and hoping for a healthy and safe future ahead can generate positive vibes and smiles in all of us, overcoming all the worries and concerns thus leading to lesser mental pressure and a better health.

May God heal and save the affected ones, and may He give the desired strength and stability to all of us, so that we may explore alternatives to earn livelihood and cherish life while we still can.

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  1. Beautifully written
    More power to u👍

  2. Thankyou for bringing in positivity : )))

  3. Thankyou for bringing in much needed positivity: )))

  4. Beautiful written Mr. Mubarak
    keep it up👍👍👍👍👍