Have you felt the reducing importance of relations with the passage of time? Did you realize when this change started taking place or when it grew relatively more than earlier? Did you come face to face with a situation when you felt that you really respected the next person more when you were in his shoes during some part of your life and that he hardly cared to respect you in the current scenario? Have you also observed how students used to fear and respect their teachers earlier, and how that level of respect has decreased so much nowadays? Did it ever strike your mind why family disputes or break-ups or social frauds or divorce cases or perhaps suicides have increased manifold with time? Did you notice the change in relations of neighbors as time passed, as people used to meet and talk more often earlier while neighbors hardly know each other nowadays? Questions are many, precise answers are less. Issues are many, precise solutions are less. Perhaps, the priorities have changed, and therefore, the importance of maintaining relations too!

With advent of technology and a lot of resources for all sorts of work, we have become less dependent on others to a huge extent due to which, somehow, we get lesser reasons to contact others. Earlier, there were less resources to gain knowledge about something or to find routes to our destination or to explore a place and hence, we had to talk to a number of people in order to gather all the possible information. Now, all those issues occur no more, all thanks to internet facilities and GPS navigation and Google and social media and what not. The fact that such things have made us more self-dependent is worth appreciation, but have distanced us from people in our daily life as well. All sorts of relations have therefore suffered a lot, some people do share valid reasons for the broken bonds while others just try to raise no justified reasons at all only to stay alone and avoid others. This sense of individualism did not prevail a couple of decades ago, but grew massively in the last two decades affecting our relations in different ways.

It is extremely difficult to build trustworthy relations in life, specially for a longer duration. It is easy to talk to random people and then move on without worrying much for them later, but to maintain a relation for lifetime requires a lot of will and efforts and continuous zeal to not let the close ones leave. Whether it is with friends, or family members, or relatives, or colleagues, or mentors, whether they are around us or far apart in other states or countries, whether regularly connected or not, a strong relation is worth maintaining, worth living for, and worth dying for. Our close ones do not just share both happy and sad moments but also guide us through the ups and downs of life along with being constant companions in everyday tasks and decisions. There presence may not be highlighted around us but they are always there for our support. The depth of such relations goes beyond the shallow understanding of those who follow materialistic approach, who might feel satisfied for the time being but will definitely encounter loneliness due to lost relations in the abandoned phase of life. Although no one wants to be abandoned, but the sheer lack of will to maintain solidarity in relations leads to losing them even without realizing when that happens.

Life feels far more beautiful when our close ones are with us than when we are alone even in the happiest of the situations. The sense of togetherness boosts our excitement while loneliness shuts down all doors of happiness. The feeling of owning some and being owned by them in return kills all sorts of loneliness from life while having no one to cheer for our achievements yields depressing thoughts. Earning money is easy, earning relations is difficult. Saving money is easy, saving close bonds is difficult. Maintaining balance is easy, maintaining relations is difficult. Being alone is easy yet difficult to sustain, being social is difficult yet cheerful and lively.

Give your best shot to life with all the efforts that you can, but not at the cost of your loved ones. Whatever be the situation, make sure to keep your personal relations intact till the last breath.

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