Depression and anxiety can be solved with patience and family support

Depression, anxiety, aggression and related conditions, happen quite quickly once we let them take over our mind. It is not an easy task to be patient and deal with the stressful life with a calm mind. Even if we try to tackle the hardships with patience, there comes a saturation point when we are left with no more strength to control ourselves and eventually end up losing temper and thus, the situation too, which otherwise could be solved without any kind of anger or anxiety.

As far as I have observed, if we keep patience and let some time pass, such unstable behavioral phases are never able to harm us because within a few seconds, we realize the situation and start moulding ourselves to get rid of the disappointment or at least to return to a more controlled self gaining back the much-required calmness. Sudden bursts of anger or depression only overtake patience and stability when this necessary time is not given to one's own self.

It cannot be denied that a lot of professional methods exist, which help to fight anxiety, anger, exasperation, depression, etc. These treatments are extremely helpful in their own ways, which are either practiced by medical practitioners or by meditation specialists, life coaches and related experts. However, it is not really possible to get into someone's mind and solve a confusion. Hence, it becomes imperative for people to intensify self-analysis and self-realization in order to understand what exactly causes them to lose control of their senses and how much time do they take to respond and do something unacceptable. Once this realization is done, the situation is accepted and then implemented practically, only then can a person achieve more out of the professionally acclaimed methods and feel the real change in his lifestyle.

Other than that, what I have felt personally and implemented in my own life is that, it all comes down to our own contentment from life, which can only be achieved from within and not from the outer materialistic world. Patience and self-control can be learnt from real-life situations wherein we deal with issues maturely and come out with necessary solutions. If we are satisfied what God has blessed us with, and happy with our life, expecting less while being in high spirits always, keeping our hopes intact for a positive future indeed, the unwanted phases of anger or anxiety are relatively easy to overcome, and senses of patience and stability in life are considerably easy to achieve.

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