smile and motivate yourself and others

With tons of reasons to cry for, he kept a smile on his face. Not because he didn't want to share his sorrows, but because he wanted everyone to meet him with a smile instead of sympathy. The close ones always had a clue about something going at the back of his mind but were mistaken by the smile he carried and enthusiasm that he showed. The strangers were far away from knowing the reality of his life and thus considered him one of the happiest people around.

The world is unaware about your issues and pains to a huge extent. Even if you do share with people what you are going through, the max that they can do most of the times is pray for your well-being, because no one is free enough to skip their own scheduled tasks and be there for your support at all times, even if they wish to do so. On the contrary, if you greet them with a smiling face every time you meet them, you are sure to pass positive vibes leading to emergence of positive energy in them as well and motivating them to smile up even if they are worried or upset. Such is the power of your smile, which you may underestimate or ignore for most of your life!

Smile overshadows pain and provides strength to deal with the toughest of situations. Just look at yourself in the mirror, and smile at that beautiful being created by God with more purpose in life than just being tensed about situations which are bound to pass in a certain period of time.

Keep spreading positive energy. Keep sharing motivational thoughts. Keep smiling.

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