Depressed person wants support of family and friends

It is strange how people do not talk to their own family members or friends about their sorrows or sad state of mind but share it all with a psychologist/psychiatrist who is hardly aware of their condition and lifestyle. Psychologists/Psychiatrists are professionals who are obviously well-trained to guide us through the depressing phase, but I believe, family and friends can understand us far better and be with us 24x7 to help us out of the lows of life.

Trust me when I say this, I have been through a lot, and have always been supported by family and friends in those tough times, never leading me to a stage when I would feel lonely or abandoned or suicidal perhaps. The stress during school or college days is quite manageable as compared to what we face after completing the studies and entering work life. The struggle to rise above in the competition and cope up with everyone's expectations cannot be described in words but can only be felt deep by the one who faces it for real. My life was no different either.

But whatever be the situation, I never opted for loneliness and rather preferred sharing my thoughts with close ones. Stress, in such situations, cannot be resolved overnight, but can definitely be reduced by diverting the mind and interacting with our own people regularly after certain periods of time. The ongoing efforts even came to stagnation when the whole world was brought to standstill by Corona Virus, leading to complete shutdown of my business. However, I still didn't feel depressed or upset, as I explored for other options by discussing with my family and friends, thus continuing my work as a freelance content writer and developing my own blogging website as well! This is the level of strength and confidence that we get when we keep patience, and find contentment in our efforts, keeping aside all sorts of depressing or negative thoughts.

My struggle may sound easy as compared to many others working day and night still earning from hand to mouth only. While I talk about some of my situations as an example, I totally understand the hardships of everyone, resulting in unbearable stress. I would just opine you all to talk and vent out everything with your close ones, such as family, relatives, friends, colleagues, teachers, etc. Even if you consult a medical professional, do try to spend more time with your near and dear ones or talk to them on call if you stay away from them. The mental healing is very quick if love and support of family is around. Mental health must not be ignored; it should be made a priority instead.

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