Broken relationship leading to unforgettable and painful past memories

Now this is something really common, not restricted by the boundaries of nations or provinces or states or cities, not restricted to either urban or rural regions, not restricted to people of specific communities or religions, not restricted to the different mindsets and skill-sets of individuals and not at all restricted by the rich or the poor. And this 'common' in one and all is - relationship. And equally common in one and all is - breakup. This 'just another phase' of life is somehow taken as the final destination by many, who are not able to withstand the social stigma of being separated by their loved one, which otherwise can also be taken as another learning phase brought in life by God which was bound to come and leave.

It is, of course, easy to say than to do in reality, but I personally believe to the core that one broken relation should not be the reason for ruining the ongoing life and the life to come ahead. There are different types of consequences people face after breaking up with their loved ones - some fall prey to depression, some feel excessive aggression and anxiety, some adopt loneliness, some just stop speaking and suppress their emotions deep within, some share the sorrows and pain with their friends, while some just accept the reality and move on with a heavy heart in order to continue with other blessings of Almighty. The last ones, perhaps, are the rarest of them all, because it is obviously not easy to overcome the memories of a loved one; strength is rather needed to focus on other important aspects of life which can't be spoiled for something which is no more in control or in possession. Just like many other laws of nature, facing obstacles in relationship is inevitable as well. While some can be sorted out and resolved, it is not always possible to overcome those obstacles, thus weakening the bond and eventually breaking it down completely.

Then comes the next step, wherein the separated individuals have to accept the reality and the fact that they are no more together. This acceptance is the most difficult part as it pinches hard to believe what happened. Whenever that thought of going away from the closest relation comes up, the life seems to stop right there at that moment and nothing else feels good about living. There are no alternatives and no remedies to these heart-breaking situations, one has to suffer the pain and move on in any and every possible way. However, spending time with close ones and sharing the sorrows and the associated consequences helps a lot, to bring down the pain and suffering. But even if such moral support is not available, one has to understand the fact that thinking and regretting about the past is not going to help in any case, this realization has to come from inside, words of no one else are sufficient enough to change what goes deep inside the heart and mind of the affected individual.

This tough phase has adverse effects on both mental and physical health. Once an individual accepts and realizes the time that has passed, and zero chances of its return, he then enters the next phase of recovering from the pain. This marks the beginning of gaining back all the control and focus on life along with maintaining other bonds either personal or professional. The present then brings a large number of opportunities thus paving the way for a better future. Issues can be in all kinds of relations, and problems of the past never really move out of our mind quickly, but letting them go is extremely important for handling the other connections positively and maintaining them forever.

Eradicating the issues of the past and holding on to the present leaves lesser scope of piling up of negative energy within us. Cheerful nature and smiling face tend to become our identity. Positivity and helpful behavior become our characteristic traits. Motivational and positive approach become an integral part of our habits. All of this, collectively, helps to make our present joyous and exemplary and people look forward to be like us. Since the present carries all the happiness and positivity, the same gets carried on to our future as well, thus overcoming the risk of losing out on opportunities or relations because of unfortunate issues of the past.

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