Change in the life of TikTok artists after ban on Chinese apps in India

I have been seeing a lot of posts recently regarding TikTok ban and the related trolls and jokes about TikTok video makers. All of a sudden, TikTokers are on the radar of everyone laughing out about their favorite application being banned leaving them clueless as to which app they should shift to now. While the Government's decision to boycott Chinese Apps is a welcome step and is fine with people like us who do not use these apps, it has definitely impacted the families dependent on these apps and are in a dire need of finding other ways of earning money.

Well, before making fun of any individual or their current condition, let us think from another angle. A lot of popular TikTok artists used to earn their livelihood from the app. Many unknown talented artists used this platform to showcase their potential and got immense appreciation from the world and also got further work in the entertainment industry. For models and actors, TikTok profile became an important factor to get work by flaunting the number of followers reflecting their popularity among the masses. Multiple possibilities of earning and advertising through TikTok resulted in its widespread acceptance and popularity around the globe irrespective of the cyber-risks associated with the app, which were raised time and again on the internet but never taken seriously enough to uninstall the app from our smartphones. Also, another Chinese app named Bigo Live established itself so much over the years that celebrities like The Great Khali, Rimi Sen, Rakhi Sawant, Ali Quli Mirza, Nisha Bano, Mehak Dhillon, etc joined the live-streaming app and gained millions of followers and continued earning during lockdown. This platform also gave newcomers a chance to share their talent with the world and earn money from within the live-streaming app.

Now that the Government of India has banned TikTok, along with many other applications which also helped people earn such as Bigo Live, we must accept the Government's decision of course, but along with being generous to those who earned their bread and butter from these apps. Just like we find alternatives when we lose jobs, in the same way, TikTok artists have lost their earning source and are finding alternatives as well. Losing job is depressing for one and all, we lose motivation and feel extremely low in such a situation when our life gets adversely affected due to loss of job. These social media artists are in a similar situation right now with a lost livelihood and in search of a new one.

Hence, instead of making fun of them, let's just give them space to explore other opportunities of utilizing their talent and earning for themselves and for their families. Most of the artists have understood and accepted the reason for taking down these apps and have not protested against the application ban, nor did they post in favor of these applications after the ban on a larger scale. While all of us have collectively accepted and followed the Government's decision, we should also be kind enough to understand the lost livelihood of TikTok artists and just give them time and space to sort out their lives according to the current scenario, and perhaps suggest them better ways to earn. If no such advice is possible from our end, let's not laugh on their situation at least, which may worsen their mental condition and lead them to take unexpected and unwanted steps.

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