Friends spending time together and feeling happy

The advancements in technology have provided us with uncountable benefits but the complexities attached can not be ignored as well. The life has become faster than ever imagined; the race to earn bread and butter for ourselves and our families has become far more intense than it ever was. The pressure on our lives has increased from all aspects, thus giving us very less time to spend with our families, relatives and friends, not to mention that this is what is required the most to relieve all the stress and pressure!

Undoubtedly, the ones close to us and in regular touch know us, trust us and understand us well enough. But, on a larger note, being social has become so rare nowadays that if we try to meet our contacts more often, they start doubting our intentions. They even start ignoring after a certain period considering our efforts of interaction as selfish acts of seeking favors in near future. Well, it can even be expected to get blocked if we continue our efforts to maintain regular contact with them, although with no hidden intentions.

Workload, peer pressure, family issues, everyday challenges, unforeseen difficulties, incomplete tasks, financial concerns, other demands and necessities, there is so much in our lives to build stress that we can't even realize and recognize it all, leave alone sorting it out and eradicating it from our minds and lives.

However, to tackle it, spending time with family and friends is the easiest and best possible way. Talking to people, meeting them, sharing your views and listening to theirs, providing knowledge about your expertise and gaining knowledge from them, spreading peace and feeling the same, delivering smiles and getting the same, reducing our own and the others' sorrows, it all feels next to amazing being an active part of society rather than just existing as an isolated part of it.

Believe it, and we all know it, that this beautiful world needs more socialism and less individualism, while the opposite has taken over the society with the passage of time. Let's pay more attention on our surroundings as well, along with focusing on our own lives and families. Let's reduce individualism and push the concept of socialism in the best way that we all can within our own capabilities. Let's just give it a try if not tried yet. LET'S SOCIALIZE.

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