Happiness is being together with family and friends

We come across different kinds of people in our life, some of them come and depart within no time leaving no scope of contacting again while others stay connected for a long time, some forever as well. This cannot be anticipated in the first meeting whether the other person is here to stay or just for some time; expecting togetherness and a long-term bond is obviously a positive thought but some people hardly think before moving on which ultimately affects the one connected by heart and not the one moving on. There are many people around who are fine with being alone having no social circle, there are many who are fine with making connections but hardly socialize with them, and then there are people like me, the so called social beasts, who love to stay connected with everyone forever and talk to them and meet them and never break a relation once formed.

Let's get one point straight - we cannot be exactly like someone and someone cannot be exactly like us. Period. Therefore, similar connection cannot be expected from each individual we meet in life, some are bound to leave considering the differences in our perspectives while others who match our line of thought stay back. Still, is it possible to find no one at all to be together with, or to prefer loneliness over togetherness? There are many who will be fine with it, but then there will be more like me who can't even think of choosing loneliness, keep aside being alone in reality.

Friendships grow with time, given the zeal to grow is from both ends. Differences grow with time as well, given the lack of interactive efforts is from both ends. Life is all about togetherness, and the efforts for it must be bilateral. Being alone might work, but the happiness of togetherness can never be matched.

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